Most people know him as the Hollywood big-shot but what not many people know is that Arnold made his first million dollars by investing in property. Not from his movies.

You see Arnold wanted the freedom to choose the right acting roles for his career.

When I met Arnold he told me “I always promised myself I would not get into a position where I would have to take a job, or do a role just because I had to make money to get by”

Arnold’s first rule to follow for success is,

  1. Trust yourself

Arnold wanted to be a champion bodybuilder ever since he was a kid but his parents wanted him to be a policeman. He knew he needed to get out of Austria and come to America to achieve his dream. Arnold had total trust and confidence in his decision and his vision so he went after it.

“have trust in yourself, craft your own vision and go after it. “ – Arnold

Some of my clients, when they come to me, they’ve wanted to invest in property for years, but they’ve never had the confidence to go through with it. Something may have gotten in the way when they first tried, which ultimately resulted in putting them off of pursuing their goals and achieving their dreams. It doesn’t matter if it’s a skeptical partner or parent, or fear of failure, in the end, you need to trust yourself to make decisions and take action.

So what does it take to create a passive income and build wealth? We’ll explore in part 3 of this post.