About Positive Property

George Markoski

Founder & CEO

George Markoski is a bestselling author, millionaire property investor, and founder of Positive Property. 

Since ‘retiring’ on a six-figure passive property income at age 37, George has been training and mentoring a select group of investors to do the same, taking them from literally $0 in their bank account to becoming multi-million dollar property investors. 

George’s signature system, The Markoski Method™ is a blueprint for building wealth through property safely and quickly. Thousands of George’s ‘Black Belt Investors’ have successfully used The Markoski Method™ to create their own cash-flow positive property portfolios that give them the freedom to live on their terms.

It’s George’s mission to create 10,000 property millionaires, creating a better world through helping people take control of their financial future and live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. 

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