Do You Want an “Unfair Advantage” with Your Property Investing?​

The fact is, most property investors fail. Why is that?

The statistics show that around 50 percent of people who buy an investment property sell up in the first five years, and of those people who stay in the property business, 90 percent never get past owning one or two properties.

These statistics suggest that many Australians don’t have effective property investment strategies.

So if you want to achieve a positive cash flow with a rental income better than the average property investor this program is for you.


Work With Us Directly

My team and I have helped 100s of everyday Australians start and grow passive investment property portfolios with long-term capital growth.

We specialise in helping people with varying financial circumstances become a property investor with a proven property investment strategy with a development process towards financial freedom, FIFO workers, engineers, sole traders, small business owners, and others, whether they are new property investors, stuck investors or next level investors we can help them achieve financial freedom.



Dear Future Property Millionaire,

If you are already here, the chances are you’re searching for a successful team that can help you start, grow or scale your investment property portfolio.

You’ve likely also already talked to several other property managers and experts about investment properties who have promised unrealistic results or can only solve part of your problem, speak in generalities, or require you to work long hours like a job on a strategy that is just too high risk.

I’ve been there and done that. A decade ago I tried to learn a property investment strategy. There were people that could help me with bits and pieces just like a puzzle, but not the entire picture.

I had to put the puzzle pieces together myself. As well, no one taught me how to do these things well, they taught me the why, and sometimes the how, but not the all-important execution.

I made so many mistakes along the way that could’ve been avoided if I had a mentor to help me that understood the entire passive property development journey.

That’s the reason why I created Positive Property.

Every day you wait is another day you are unsure of how to start extra cash flow and reach your personal objectives.

Let us guide you like we have so many others.

Work With A Team To Grow Your Property Portfolio Using the Exact Same Method George Used To Retire on $180,000 Passive Income Per Year…

How Can We Help?

This is our main program where we help people purchase properties and build high growth, positive cash flow property portfolios in any investment cycle.

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Property Strategy

We'll future-proof your property investing strategies to get your next property which could be your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th property, and beyond.

Long Term Capital Growth

We'll introduce you to our property dream team and show you what, where, and when to buy.

Strong Cash Flow Properties

You'll learn how to maximise your cash flow so you can have more of your own money, time, and meaning in your life.


We meet regularly to problem solve your challenges, share property investment strategies and celebrate your wins. You'll make new like-minded friends who are purpose-driven, successful property investors.




The first thing we will do is thoroughly assess your situation. We’ll figure out exactly where you need help and what’s holding you back.

We then develop a personalized plan for you, so you can hit the ground running.

1. Apply

Tell us about your current situation. It will help us make sure we are a good fit to work together. We do not take money from people we cannot help, and we only work with people willing to learn and implement our proven passive property development strategies.

3. The Call

Once on the phone, my team will ask questions about your specific situation and answer any questions you may have. We will make SURE we can help before even offering our services.

2. Book a Call

Immediately after applying you will be asked to choose a time for your 15 minute Wealth Accelerator call. Once booked, you'll get instant access to a video that shows everything you need, so you are prepared prior to the call.

4. Onboarding

If we decide we’re the right fit, the next step is a 1:1 Strategy Session with our Head Property Coach, you’ll pay our fee and be onboarded right there on the spot.



You'll begin your journey by accessing our members portal, watching our excellent educational videos, downloading the resources, and then join our coaching calls to make sure you're properly prepared.

You will be required to implement what you learn (yes, you've got to put in the work to become market-ready and an experienced investor!).

Our success rate is extremely high for those that actually attend the calls and implement the program.

You can confidently move forward in purchasing property after property with the knowledge that you are following a tried and tested system with an experienced and highly qualified team with the best property investment strategies by your side.

Quality Education

Our members Portal is jam-packed with quality educational videos and materials to help you learn to be a successful property investor. You can dive deep or skim the surface on a need-to-know basis.

Your success will however be determined by how well you learn and understand and leverage the Markoski MethodTM property investment strategy.

Quality Coaching

Each week you'll have access to world-class support. Our property coaches are all active, highly experienced real estate investors. They have the know-how to keep you on track for success. We answer your specific questions about Australian house prices, property management, positive cash flow, the right property to invest in, the purchase price and the process for purchasing properties, etc and give direct feedback.

Circle of Safety

You don't need to become an expert in every area of investing in the property market. Our dream team, otherwise known as our “Circle of Safety” are hand-selected real estate experts who are there to help and guide you through every stage of your property investment journey from becoming market-ready to managing your property investment strategies.

Direct Access to George

My team and I go live in our Weekly Members Sherp webinar. Just like a Nepalese Sherper helps hikers up a mountain, we help our members on their financial journey.

This is your chance to speak with me personally on a regular basis.

You are also invited to attend our yearly Live Training Events and state-by-state member's social meet up so we can get to know each other in person.

Who We Work With in the Property Market...

My team and I love helping people who are keen to learn about the property market, are committed, and don’t mind honest, direct advice. You are likely a very good fit if:

You’re committed. No one expects you to learn this stuff overnight, but you must be willing to grow and get out of your comfort zone. We are not cheap, but we are a lot cheaper than doing this alone and getting it wrong.

We are committed to getting you a fantastic Return On Investment (ROI), one that would make stocks and shares or bonds look like pocket change. But you must be committed as well.

You’re coachable. We’ve coached 100s of everyday Australians to invest $1,000,000s in all property prices – all profit-producing, with tax benefits, and with wealth-building rental income whether it be the residential property market or commercial real estate even in an economic downturn we will make you more money. We have refined our property investment strategies process over the years, with hundreds of quality coaching calls. Our stuff really works, but only if you stick to the proven plan.

You align with our values. We want to build a tribe of purpose-driven established property investors who like to have fun whilst making more money. We always look for a win, win, win solution (members, staff, company), people, and purpose always come before profit.

We promise to be authentic and honest and expect the same from our members, be real, be vulnerable.

We take radical responsibility and also expect you to do whatever it takes to turn your dreams into goals and into reality. Most importantly always be thankful and grateful. We don’t help people looking to get rich quickly and we don’t help people that are constantly looking for “the next best thing”. If you don’t believe in taking the time to properly learn our tried and tested method and then execute our property investment strategies, we cannot help you.

Who We Work With
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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

George Markoski owns his own property portfolio, which generates over one million dollars per year.

He is an active investor in the property market and didn’t start out as an educator. 

Having seen every possible issue, challenge, and roadblock in the property market, he decided to help others build their own property portfolios and wrote a best selling book called ‘Freedom Through Property’ which became an Amazon bestseller.

Since then George founded Positive Property and formed a team of like-minded investors who have helped 100s of our members begin investing in property and grow their portfolios and rental income.

Our members are successful because we have a tried and tested proven real estate investment strategy that generates positive cash flow that works in any economic climate.

We are here to help you grow your wealth through property investment strategies. We want to empower you to do that as fast and as safely as possible, without getting stuck along the way.

The most important aspect of property investing is having the right mindset, how you structure property investment strategies, your portfolio, and how you manage your cash flow properties.

We will help you get really good at all of that, without needing to become an expert in real estate investments or finance.

There is a real reason why so many of our members have become successful property investors!

Our Team