Learn How To Build a Million Dollar Property Portfolio and Retire with Passive Income

We help everyday Australians create financial freedom through smart property investment, using the Positive Property tried and tested Markoski MethodTH

George Markoski

Hi, I’m George Markoski

I came from a family who struggled to make ends meet. I knew from a young age that there had to be a better way. When I first started investing in property I got it all wrong and was still working 7 days per week. So I was faced with two choices: Quit property and try something else OR work it out. Since then, I’ve:

  • Built a multi-million dollar property portfolio
  • Retired in my 30’s on $180,000 per year with a $4 million dollar property portfolio
  • Decided to find purpose and help other people do the same thing
  • Wrote a Best Selling book, ‘Freedom Through Property’
  • Become Australia’s most sought-after property expert and media commentator.

Now I help everyday Aussies invest in high growth properties that cost little to hold, in fact most actually make money from day one!

Build a Property Portfolio That Generates Passive Income, So You Can Create a Life That Makes You Happy.

Property Portfolio
George Markoski
Property Portfolio
Property Portfolio

Who We Help

We help Employees, Self Employed and Business Owners take some of their income and multiply it through Property Investing, whether you’re looking to buy your first property or your tenth…

New Investors

Looking to grow your wealth and not sure where to start? You’re in the right place - get simple, effective strategies to make your first property move a good one.

Stuck Investors

If you’re stuck with no cashflow from your property, we’ll help you get positive cashflow, while still getting tax breaks from the ATO.

Next Level Investors

When you’re ready to build your portfolio to 10 investment properties (and then some), we support and guide you through the process.

How We Work

This is not for people who are looking for a get rich quick, we give you a do-able Game Plan that gets real results for real people. We have built our track record and reputation by keeping things straight forward, honest and achievable.

How We Work
How We Work

Step 1

First we help you get clear on your financial goals, clear any roadblocks so you are market ready and develop your million dollar game plan.

How We Work

Step 2

Buying the right property is paramount to your success. We do the research and check the numbers stack up using our cashflow calculator before you buy. This ensures you only invest in the right suburb and at the right price.

How We Work

Step 3

Our Circle of Safety experts are key players who help you through every step, from finance, building inspections, depreciation schedules, renting the property and asset protection. And at this final stage you pop the champagne and celebrate your achievements to financial freedom!

What Makes Us Different

We provide the most do-able property investing strategy in Australia.

The Markoski Method gives you simple, sensible tools and systems that work in the real world of property investing - as proven by the consistent success rate of our members.

You’ll have the resources you need, my own personal team of experts and a coach you can rely on every step of the way.

The end result: An incredible success rate that our competition can’t match. This is not hype - it’s based on real life results as you can see from the case studies on this page.

We don’t believe in high risk, speculative investing. It might not sound sexy and exciting, but slow and steady wins the race using a tried and tested proven system that works.


I help everyday Aussies invest in high growth properties that cost little to hold, in fact most actually make money from day one!


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