There are a lot of people out there working in jobs they don’t like. They are tired of spending long days running their business or working for an employee. Maybe you’re one of them?

At the same time, they look at a person like me cruising around and talking about my lifestyle… maybe they think that I am a big shot? Or just lucky?

But the truth is, if you are spending more time working than enjoying your life, I have great empathy for you. Because I have been there too. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth – I worked hard to build the property portfolio that gives me freedom today.

So what do I put my success down to? Mostly it came from having the right mindset.

We all have access to the same amount of information, but some of us will seek it out and learn from it… and others won’t. The only difference between those two types of people is what’s between their ears. And I’m not talking about intelligence – I’m talking about mindset.

It starts by understanding what’s motivating you.

People get motivated by two different forces — inspiration or desperation. At the beginning of my journey to wealth, I was inspired by a bit of both. However, it was more of desperation than inspiration when I started out.

I remember back when I was working in Sydney back in my ‘former life’. It wasn’t a cheap place to live even back then. And unfortunately, I had no idea what the rich were doing to stay on top of their game.

So I was working all month only to pay the bills. I wasn’t living an extravagant lifestyle, yet I barely had anything left to show for a whole month’s work.

The problem was that I was not thinking like wealthy people do. People who build a large amount of wealth don’t trade dollars for hours – they use leverage to make their money grow and multiply for them.

So today, I want you to shift your thinking. Start developing a prosperity mindset. Because it will change your entire life.

The Best And Safest Path to Wealth

My life started changing when I began thinking like the rich. I hoped one day I would enjoy paying bills. And I actually do enjoy paying them now… because my credit card points give me free holidays every year! When we can actually fly again, I’ll be able to travel first class anywhere I like. That’s an example of leveraging more from your money!

These days I have built enough wealth through my property portfolio that I have more money than time. The good thing is that I can use my money to buy more time. For instance, instead of cooking, I hire a chef, and instead of mowing my lawn, I get someone else to do it. Now I use leverage to give me more time, similarly to how I use it to give me more money.

The reason why I share my journey it’s because I understand where you are. I have been there, and I wouldn’t want you to remain stuck in that frustrating situation forever.

Building a positively geared property portfolio is in my opinion the best avenue to generate wealth. They don’t say ‘safe as shares’ or ‘safe as bitcoin’ now, do they? They say ‘safe as houses’. And there’s a good reason why: properties double in value every 7-10 years. Good properties in good areas do it even faster.

Where else can you expect returns like that? You could play the share market but that’s incredibly risky. The casino is even more so! And the bank? You’d be lucky to get a 2% return from those guys.

Don’t get me wrong – investing in property is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes work and it takes time. But when you start building your portfolio of cash flow positive properties, the compounding effect of your wealth generation can start fuelling your dream lifestyle sooner than you may think.

So where to start?

Well, the safest and easiest way to build a positively geared property portfolio is to simply follow the steps of other successful investors. It’s what I did back at the start of my journey. And it’s what I teach our Black Belt members to do today.

What If I Don’t Have Money To Invest In Property?

You probably know that you need money, an income, or equity to create a property portfolio. But if you don’t have all these, what do you do?

Let’s see what some of the members of our program have done.

Case Study 1: A Truck Driver Builds A Million Property Portfolio in 2 Years with No Investment Money

We had one truck driver earning good money. A lovely and hardworking guy. The problem was that he loved toys. He bought all sorts of cars that he desired. When he joined the program, he had zero cash to invest with.

So, we helped him sell one of his cars. He used the money to buy his first positive property. Then I advised him to structure his loan with an offset account and start funnelling all of his income in there. He was a good student and became good at it.

And before we knew it, he had money to buy another property. When that property went up in value, he took some equity, then bought his third property.

Two years later, and he’s got a million dollars worth of property in his portfolio, all positively geared and putting money back in his pocket every single week.

Case Study 2: A Guy Fixing My Mirrors Builds A Positive Portfolio With His Father’s Equity

I had another guy who came to fix mirrors in my house. He kept talking about how my house looked good and how lucky I was. He asked my secret for owning a home at the beach with a great lifestyle. Then I told him the secret is property investment.

He ended up joining our program. At that point, he had zero deposit for a property.

Luckily, his father had a house that was fully paid for. So, he got some equity from him and bought his first property. His brother jumped in and bought a property too.

Using the equity of his house, he then bought another house. And from his portfolio, he paid his father back.

The One Thing That Matters

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how you get the money, whether you use equity or a loan. What matters is having the right mindset.

But most importantly, the whole point of smart property investment is to buy good quality properties that are going up in value and will continue to do so. Otherwise, you will be risking everything.

The strategy is simple.

–          First, focus your investment on the top 100 suburbs

–      Use our Cashflow Calculator™ to gauge the total costs and returns from your investment

–          Then ensure you can afford the cash flow every week

If a property is going to cost you more than $30 a week to hold, don’t buy it.

When looking for property to invest in, don’t fall into the trap of discounted worthless properties in bad areas. All you need is to find a property with positive cash flow in good areas.

Remember, you make money when you buy, not when you sell. So, at all times, buy right.

However, the problem is getting quality property in the top 100 suburbs. But we have a strategy of getting them before they hit the market. When you join our program, we help you find and buy a good quality property at all times.

Do Your Due Diligence

It’s okay to fail. You can’t be successful without failing. I am here because I have made a lot of mistakes. But most importantly, I have learned from my mistakes.

However, you don’t have to repeat the same mistake other people have made. We have massive due diligence criteria for helping you buy quality properties in the right areas.

If you want to use a tried and tested method for safe and smart property investing, the Markoski Method™ might be right for you. Click this link to book a 15 minute ‘getting to know you’ appointment with our property coaches and see if we can help you.


If you’re not quite ready to take the step yet, our 14 Day Positive Property Challenge is the way to go. Over 2 weeks I personally guide you to create a blueprint for getting your first, second, third, fourth (and beyond) property.

So when you’re ready to push the ‘go’ button on your plans, you’ll have all your ducks in a row and be crystal clear on what to do.

Click here to find out more about the 14 Day Live Positive Property Challenge