Financial educator George Markoski suggests his clients to exit the stock market and focus on property investment.

“I’ve largely departed from the stock market and I suggest others should to do the same. I haven’t been particularly keen on the stock market for a while now, especially since I know it’s pumped up by massive liquidity from the US Federal Reserve quantitative easing program.

“This means it’s a sick patient on life support being pumped up but barely responding. Therefore, I don’t consider that a safe market to invest my money into. I prefer to have the majority of my investment in property”.

Markoski goes on to explain:

Australia has a huge shortage of housing and a fast growing population. Therefore, the most in demand investment will be land and property in fast growing cities. The best locations will be large regional fast growing cities as the fundamentals stack up.

“Capital cities are generally closer to being over valued whereas regional cities are often still undervalued. Moreover, land is less cyclical than houses plus it forces you to become a long-term investor, which we all know is important to creating real wealth.

“I don’t touch inner city high rise apartments as they are the worst property investments in Australia due to an oversupply. It is best to rent inner city apartments for lifestyle, as rents are getting cheaper but they are not suitable as an investment.

“Invest your money into houses, house and land packages or townhouses in quality suburbs.”

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