The more you put in life the more you get out. Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessfully people are not.” – George Markoski
The first step of programming your mindset for success is the foundation. The most important step in which your success will be built on. You must always maintain a strong mindset and constantly replenish your positive outlook on achieving your goals.

Step two is finding a vehicle that works for you. Finding the right vehicle for your success is vital. This will be the concept and structure that steers your success in the right direction.
Finally step three is taking action. Successful people do not just think of a great idea and sit on it. They make things happen! They get out there and take action.

To manage your success, aim to have all three steps active, this is how your success will grow. Along the journey, you will have different steps to work on. I will give you the tools to focus particular attention on strengthening each step, allowing you to achieve your maximum potential.
In my book “Freedom Through Property”, I am talking about financial freedom. The reason that I have done this for my first book is because it seems that people have this as the biggest challenge in their lives. Also, in the capitalist society that we live, regardless of whether you like it or not, money is cornerstone of our society. The fact is having more money can give us more time, more freedom, and more opportunities in life.

But this can only happen if you have the right mindset and self-development because money is a tool and can be used for good or bad. According to an article in Fortune Magazine, “44% of those who have ever won large lottery prizes were broke within five years…” They end up being worse off than before they became rich and frequently incur a great incidence of depression.
Why is that? This is because they did not have the right mindset and enough personal growth to use the money wisely for bettering themselves and the lives of their family and friends.

This is an excerpt from my bestselling book “Freedom Through Property”.