Australian house prices grew at the fastest rate last month since 2003. Our market is now soaring at its fastest growth in 18 years.
That’s extremely exciting.

But did you realise that this is a rebound effect? Think about what happens when someone breaks up with their partner. Often they’ll have a rebound infatuation soon afterward. This also happens with the property market too!

When there is a dip such as what happened during the height of the Australian COVID crisis, the next thing you can always expect is a rebound. What goes down, must come up. And with property, prices will always go up over the long term… which is great for investors like myself that are in it for the long haul.

Back in 1970, my parents bought a house for $2000. That’s now cheap. But at that time it was expensive.

So, if you see a good property investment now, keep in mind it will seem cheap in years to come thanks to inflation. And it’s a matter of time before the prices break the ceiling.

Why Most People Missed The GFC Boom
In 2008, during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), I predicted that property prices were going to rebound. I told people to take advantage of the opportunity while they could.

Unfortunately, most people listened to the naysayers and said it was just a bubble that would burst anytime. Most people didn’t take any action.

The few of the people who listened to me are now multi-millionaires because we had the massive boom back in 2011 and 2012.
If you had a time machine in 2012 to go back and listen to me, now you would be a millionaire. But since we don’t have that, the second best thing you can do is listen to me now and get educated on how to invest in property the smart and safe way using The Markoski Method™.

The GFC and COVID-19 share similar circumstances. In both instances, the world suffered from a big financial crisis. Almost everything went down, and the property industry has had a bit of challenge too.
But it was just a deep wind-up for the rebound.

And you know what, after this boom, I predict that there will be an even bigger one afterward. As the world becomes more prosperous, there will be more money circulating in the economy. As a result, assets such as property will begin shooting up in prices.

Properties that are in areas of scarcity will especially grow in value with time. What I mean by this is properties in areas with high demand but little supply (and little chance to oversupply them in the future).

How To Develop a Property Investment Strategy That Works
I would urge you to take action now. Don’t be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand. Get out and start by learning the best strategies to use for your property investment goals.

Learn and develop some skills before jumping in. But most importantly, be careful who you learn from. Research the people you’re listening to, and if they haven’t achieved the results you’re after, don’t listen to them. Find someone who has. They’re the people whose strategies you want to model.

Speaking for myself, I didn’t begin as an expert. I am a successful property investor now because I have spent years and years of learning.

When I started out, I didn’t have any strategy. As a result, I made grave mistakes. It got to a point when I was ready to quit.
But then I remembered no one has ever won by quitting. So, I went looking for people who were making real money in property, so I could model what they were doing to get the same results.
And it worked.

Believe me or not, when I started following the strategies of people who had got the same results I was after, in less than five years, I moved from zero to a multi-million dollar property portfolio.
But it certainly took a bumpy road to get there. I made lots of mistakes and learned from them. Luckily, you can take a shortcut and learn from my mistakes and take the fast track to successful and safe property investing.

The question is… will you take it? Or will you miss this boom too (and be kicking yourself in 10 years time)?

What Next For You?
The property rebound is here. Savvy investors that start building their portfolios now will reap incredible benefits in the years to come.

But it’s not as easy as just picking a property and buying it. There’s a lot of money to be made… but a lot to lose with the wrong strategy.

That’s why I always advise education first. Get training and guidance from the right people to develop a solid investment strategy.

If you want to use a tried and tested method for safe and smart property investing, the Markoski Method might be right for you. Click this link to book a 15 minute ‘getting to know you’ appointment with our property coaches and see if we can help you.


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