Despite where you are right now, your aim is to become an investor and have money working for you. Back I first started investing I was completely overwhelmed with where to begin, working long hours in a business to support my lifestyle.

Once I gave up on finding the one big idea that was going to create my wealth, I started to focus my attention towards the small things that I could do. This would point me in the right direction so I could start moving forward.

I was working full time on my income and on my wealth. This strategy meant I was sure to reach a point where I would eventually burn out. Equivalent to pushing a snowball up a big mountain. I was using all of my energy and appeared to be getting nowhere.

Once I learned that its not how much you make but how much you invest into passive assets that really mattered. Suddenly what I was doing began to grow and gain momentum without me having to do anything.

Now it continues to grow and gain momentum each year without any effort from me; it is unstoppable!

I created my wealth and freedom in what I like to call the slow-fast way investing in property.
See, there are other strategies that may have got me the results I was after quicker, but all of them required work to maintain, which meant that I would have been buying myself another job. These strategies mean there is always a ceiling as to how much you can actually make, because if you stop working them, the income would stop coming in to.

My strategy is simple, creating a minimal effort required passive income. This way there is no ceiling as to how much I can earn and every year my snowball gets bigger and faster.

Because I hunted out successful people and basically copied what they did, I found that 90% of the world’s millionaires have used one particular vehicle to create their wealth, and their chosen vehicle is property. I think this figure has changed slightly over the past few years with the advancement of the Internet and Recent Mining but is still the number one by far.