If you have tried to do anything in your life, you probably have met a few naysayers.

Naysayers are the people in our lives who are constantly in our ears spewing negativity. They mean well, but nonetheless they are hell-bent on discouraging and stopping us from doing certain things they feel are too risky.

Everyone has dealt with at least one naysayer in their lives – probably more! When Arnold Schwarzenegger was young, he told his friends and family that he wanted to be a movie star.

Everyone he knew told him he was crazy. “Arnold, you have an accent. You’re not traditionally handsome. You’re from Austria.”

Eventually he did it and proved them WRONG!

Later when he told people he wanted to be Governor of California, the same thing happened! “Arnold, you aren’t from America. You are an actor. You don’t know about politics.”

Once again, he proved his naysayers wrong.

When I first started out investing in property, I had a whole bunch of people telling me I was crazy. “You’ll lose your money George!” they said. “The market is about to crash!”

It wasn’t until I had amassed a small fortune of passive income that they finally stopped trying to talk me out of it!

Genuine Concerns or Just Jealousy?

The truth is there might be two scenarios at work behind other people’s ‘well meaning’ advice. It’s most likely they genuinely care about you, and don’t want you to make a mistake. But might also just be jealous that you’ve got the guts to do something they’re afraid to.

When someone tells me not to do anything, I always ask them:

–          What’s your personal experience with doing it?

–          What makes you think things will go that way?

–          Where did you get your research to form that opinion?

Most of the time, your naysayers will be people who really care about you or are concerned about the decision you are making.

But unless someone is an expert in the thing I am embarking on, or has achieved the results that I want to achieve, I will allow them to have your say—but I won’t take it on board.

So, when the naysayers come to you, be polite. Thank them for sharing their concern. But unless they have the knowledge or experience to give an informed opinion, don’t let them deter you from your goals.

Because how do they know if you actually can or can’t achieve your goals? They don’t. Only you have the power to determine what you achieve in life.

What If The Naysayer is Your Spouse?

At Positive Property Solution, we have helped hundreds of couples to invest in property. And over time, we have realized there are occasions when one person is really driving the goal forward. The other person doesn’t really believe they can achieve it.

Sometimes it can take even years for the other person to decide to come on board with us as a client. And they waste a lot of time (and money!) by sitting on the fence.

So how do you handle it if you want to invest in property, but your partner is the naysayer?

Understanding your partner’s values on wealth creation, property, self-development, education, and whatever you would want to accomplish is really critical.

It’s good to have common values with your partner, because it will be difficult to accomplish your big goals in life if you aren’t on the same page.

So step one is sharing your values with your partners. You need to think strategically about how you can support each in all areas of life. Whether it’s wealth creation, through property, self-development, and so on.

Open and honest communication is key here. Speak to them about why they’re afraid of making a move, and seek to understand which value is driving that fear. When you’re both clear on how each other sees the situation, you can work together to come to a mutual agreement in regard to your shared path forward.

Don’t Let The Naysayers Guide Your Decisions

Schwarzenegger ignored all those voices that were telling him he couldn’t achieve his goals. Instead, he worked out  his plan, and surrounded himself with the right people to help him make it happen.

Once you have your property investing goals in mind, you might find that you need to distance yourself from the people who are trying to hold you back. Instead, find experts and people with whom you share the same goals, such as our Circle of Safety group of property experts and our BlackBelt community of investors.

How To Make An Informed Decision

Most naysayers are operating from a lack of knowledge.

But in property you’ve got to know what you are doing. And that’s why we have a 14 day challenge to help people who want to create their own Blueprint for investing in property.

Over 14 days, participants hear from the experts and learn from me how to develop your plan, fix your credit, look good for the banks, choose the right property, and much more.

The Challenge helps you get educated and create an informed plan for getting your first, second, third and beyond cash flow positive investment properties.

It’s a great way to get your ducks in a row and start on your path to becoming a property investor in a safe and steady way.

At the moment I’m offering entry to the challenge with no payment upfront, so there’s basically no risk involved.

If you’re interested in finding out more, go visit this link to check it out.