How To Build A Million-Dollar Property Portfolio in 2023 Using My Perfected, Step-By-Step Gameplan


Your Path To Financial Freedom

…Even If You’ve Tried Investing Before!

Imagine waking up in just 5 days’ time and having a proven, perfected path to adding an additional $25,000 or more to your life this year (…and every year in your future

What would that extra $25k+ allow you and your family to do?

…6 months in Europe soaking up the summer, making lifelong memories?

…retiring in your early 50s or late 40s instead of early 60s and enjoying stress-free living?

…paying your mortgage faster than you thought possible and help set your kids up for their future?

While most people look at investing in property and think it’s something outside their grasp, reserved for those with special circumstances and big bank accounts, or just plain impossible for them to figure out

…others are successfully investing in property without:

>Any prior knowledge or experience

>Crazy, out-of-this-world credit scores

>Hundreds of thousands of capital in the bank

>High-Status, well-paying jobs

>Tons of disposable income

And their results are absolutely life-changing!

Susan, a receptionist earning less than $50k/yr paid her mortgage in JUST 4.5yrs… and thousands of others pay theirs in as little as 5 to 7 years.
Jarrod, a construction worker with NO knowledge used our strategies to buy 4 properties that helped him make $725,000 in Equity, save $400,000 in tax deductions …and his portfolio costs him less than $1/wk thanks to high interest rates.
Mark, a 54yr old began with ZERO DEPOSIT DOWN and built a multi-million-dollar portfolio with 10+ properties inside 24 months.

…and I retired on $180k/yr of passive income at age 38

Give me just 5 days and I’m going to fast track your portfolio success and give you a VIP experience of what it’s like to work with me


…you’ll learn my exact proven & perfect system for building a step-by-step game-plan for a million-dollar portfolio.

These are the exact simple, proven strategies that I teach people as their Property Investing Coach. They usually pay me at least $35,000 for these …but I’m going to share them with your for free and let you take a sneak peek inside over the next 5 days to fast track your success

2023 will present the opportunity of a lifetime
for those who are prepared

We’ve seen the property market fluctuate for years now, and it’s left the majority of people wary of dipping their toes in while a minority are jumping in head first and reaping astounding results for it.

These 5 days are NOT a “cookie cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” approach… that’s not what creates success for individuals with different incomes, goals, lives, and financial situations

From teaching you how to invest in top 100 suburbs for less than $50/wk to buying houses with ZERO cash deposit and RMR, fixing credits fast, and more – these 5 days contain my perfected principles, frameworks, and strategies from 20 years of property investing success


Day 1: The Secrets Of The Rich & The “4 Futures”

The Big Banks don’t want you to know any of this …after all, if you know it you create financial freedom from them!

You’ll gain crystal clear clarity on your goals and vision for both the short and long term using my foolproof system that removes all distractions. You’ll know exactly how long until you can retire with out proprietary Retirement Calculator. You’ll learn how to “future proof” your investments and finances so you reap the benefits for years and decades to come

This is everything they should have taught you in school, but didn’t


Day 2: The Principles of Expert Property Purchases

Is it actually possible to buy a property with NO cash deposit? YES! Today is all about strategy – and you’re specifically going to learn 9 proven ways to get a deposit to buy a house that you haven’t heard of till now

You’ll also cover simple ways to increase borrow capacity that the banks and other lenders don’t want you to know about. his day alone is priceless as you’re going to learn exactly how to invest in top 100 suburbs for less than $50/wk and make a tidy profit in the first 7 days

…and how it’s possible to pay mortgages in as little as 5 to 7 years. Today, the Magician finally shares his secrets with you


Day 3: Portfolio Autopilot & Circles of Safety

Today is absolutely essential to your short-term and long-term success …but it’s the one thing 99% of people overlook. On Day 3 we cover exactly how to build your empire using simple, proven, tried-and-tested principles and practices

You’ll know who to look for. You’ll know the criteria they need to meet to be an A-Player on your team. You’ll know where to find them and what to say to get them over the line


Day 4: The “Bomb Shelter” Best Practices

Think you know everything it takes to protect your empire once it’s built? We’re talking asset protection, safety, and security so your portfolio is guarded tighter than Fort Knox …or in this case, a bomb shelter that’s unharmed if the market goes BOOM

I’ve seen more than enough people lose everything they’ve worked so hard for because they either overlooked or didn’t know about this. I’m guaranteeing that future won’t happen to you with everything we cover today


Day 5: Interest Only …Please and Thank You

Discover my flawless principles like The 5X Multiplier, Cashflow Calculator and more

This day will help you put the final pieces of the puzzle together and identify how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be faster than you imagined as you discover why this is the oldest and most-trusted wealth builder in history!


**BONUS** Day 6: Robert Kiyosaki Special!

Today we graduate!! And …we’re doing it in style, getting to learn from the legendary property expert Robert Kiyosaki! With 5k worth of prizes on offer to the people that interact the most – this is a day you won’t want to miss!


– Assets from Robert Kiyosaki

– Free membership to M.O.W

– Cashflow calculator

– 2 coaching sessions with a coach

– Tickets to 2 day (New Rules of Real Estate event) located in Bali

– …and more!

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