How To Use The Brisbane Olympics To Secure Your Financial Future

Have you heard about Madam Jeanne Louise Calmet?

She had the longest confirmed human lifespan: 122 years, 164 days.

Apparently, fate strongly approved of the way she lived her life. She was born in Arles, France, on February 21, 1875. The Eiffel Tower was built when she was 14 years old. It was at this time she met Vincent van Gogh. “He was dirty, badly dressed, and disagreeable,” she recalled in an interview given in 1988.

In 1965, Jeanne was 90 years old and had no heirs. She signed a deal to sell her apartment to a 47-year-old lawyer called André-François Raffray. He agreed to pay her a monthly sum of 2,500 francs on the condition he would inherit her apartment after she died. However, Raffray not only ended up paying Jeanne for 30 years. He then died before she did at the age of 77. His widow was legally obliged to continue paying Madam Calment until the end of her days.

What do you think would have happened to Madam Jeanne at old age if she didn’t have the property? At an old age without cash flow, things probably would have been tough on her.

And this is why I keep telling you to protect your money and get into a property. Because there’s a bright future in real estate.

What The 2032 Olympics Mean For The Brisbane Property Investors 

By now, you must have heard that Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympics. It’s going to be an exciting 11 years for Australia. The real estate industry will even reap huge yields from the Olympics. This is because it comes with huge infrastructure investments, which gives a huge uplift to the housing sector. The demand for housing will also go very high.

The Olympics is an expensive affair. Tokyo will spend $28 Billion from the ongoing Olympics. It had projected that it would cost $7 Billion. But the cost projections will go up to $28 Billion. And it’s not Tokyo alone. Almost all the countries that have hosted the Olympics end up spending more.

This happens because prices go up when the announcements are made. Tokyo, for example, prices went up by 16% after the announcements.

During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the same thing happened. It was an exciting time for the property market. Because the prices went up by 2001.

The truth is, due to the Olympics, a country creates good infrastructure. And as you get a good infrastructure, many people become interested in investing and living in the area.

In the end, the area population goes up, and more people keep on coming for vacations later. And all this means good news to the real estate business.

And now we have the Olympics coming to Brisbane. And that can mean one thing in the end. The prices will go up. Property rates and demand will break through the roof.

Take Advantage of The Coming Boom

Now is the time to take advantage of the benefits that come with the Olympics. This is because if you get into property investment now, you’ll enjoy the current boom and the coming boom as a result of the Olympics.

But I always tell people one thing, get trained first before you venture into real estate. Find someone who has gone ahead of you, and they’ve proven strategies. This is the only way you’ll get ahead and win in real estate investment.

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